Assessments & Observation
We administer and interpret results of evaluations to determine progress over time, make recommendations for educational, instructional services and placement.
Formal/Informal assessments are conducted using standardized instruments that are accepted at any public school system. A formal report will be presented in writing as well as a conference will take place to discuss the findings of the assessments
Partial list of evaluations used:
• Wechsler Intelligence Scale for children _ III (WISC-III)
• Bender Gestalt Test of Visual Motor Integration: Fine Motor,
_ Motor Planning, Memory:
• Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (CTOPP)
• Lindamood Bell Auditory Conceptualization Test (LACT)
• Burns & Roe and Qualitative Reading Inventory
• Informal Reading Assessments (IRI)
• Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement, III
• Weschler Individual Achievement Tests (WIAT II) Revised NU
• Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests Gray Oral Reading Test
• as well as many others..